Alamo Film Clients, demo reel, branded storytelling

Alamo Film work samples

Corporate, Marketing, Narrative for all video production projects in San Antonio and Austin, Texas.

A few of Alamo Film’s clients include:

  • Thomas J Henry -Superbowl 2015
  • Thomas J Henry -Biggest Stage
  • Thomas J Henry -Win
  • Thomas J Henry -Image
  • Thomas J Henry -Results
  • WEAF -Mario C. Cortes-2006 Laureate
  • WEAF -Stephanie Bower-2013 Laureate
  • WEAF -Stephen W. Harby-1996 Laureate
  • WEAF -Patrick J. Flemming & Gabriel Prize Jurors
  • WEAF -C. Errol Barron, Jr. FAIA-1995 Laureate
  • WEAF -Joyce Rosner-2007 Laureate
  • DeWied -Sausage Cooking Process
  • DeWied -Sausage Stuffing Process
  • DeWied -Seasoning Prep Process
  • DeWied -Unpacking Naturals
  • DeWied -Great Customer Service from the Bottom Up
  • Ideawire -Your one-Stop Creative Source
  • ESD -Mission Solar: Stress Test
  • Taco Cabana -Taco Taxi
  • Taco Cabana -Lotta Enchilada
  • Texan’s Credit Union
  • Texas Biomedical Research Institute -Pioneers
  • Texas Biomedical Research Institute -The Gift of Giving
  • USAA -(various animated digital billboard videos)
  • “Goodbye” by Phonolux
  • “Marijuana and Jalapenos” by Rich O’Toole
  • “Falling” by Black Market Club

Our demo reel

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What is Brand Storytelling?

Unlike traditional advertising, a brand story is more than content and a narrative. It inspires an emotional reaction to your brand. Also, it ties a customer’s emotional attachment to your brand, product or business. Above all, a brand story should be authentic and relatable.

Below is an example of a brand story. Can you spot the marketed company in this small story?

Away With the Fairies, is a quiet contemplation on the friendship between an older African-American man and a young white girl that gradually develops as the girl learns to build a birdhouse and feed the gentleman’s overgrown rabbit. The lingering shots that focus on the minutiae of the characters’ physical movements and the electrically alive sound design remind me of the visual poetry contained in Terrence Malick’s most recent films. I was highly impressed, to say the least.”